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Classflow: Engage and Collaborate Like Never Before is an incredible new presentation tool that may change the way teachers interact with their students. Classflow is cloud-based and allows teachers to access and build lessons using any browser, on any device. Lessons can include web links, videos, images and even PowerPoints. Once and lesson is built it can be easily shared with students on their smart phones, tablets, laptops, or Chromebooks! Teachers can even choose to share their lesson on Classflow’s ever growing library. 

While teachers do the “driving” and are the ones deciding which cards will be shared on students’ devices, Classflow allows students to interact and manipulate cards, then send them back to the teacher.

My favorite feature of Classflow is how easily your lessons can be adapted on the fly. I have created some great presentations for my students and right in the middle of teaching, a student will add an idea that is even better than what I was doing. Classflow gives teachers and students the ability to create new cards that will become part of the lesson without ever exiting your current Classflow presentation.

Here’s a short video showing you how to get started on Classflow: